Custom Environmental Technology

          Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

         Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemistry

Advanced Technology Means Better Proformance!

CET Solar Bio-Reactor

Custom Environmental Technology (CET)  engineering manufacturing that specializes in providing water and wastewater treanment solutions, including water recovery and reuse.

CET is committed to producing "functionally reliable" wastewater and water treatment systems. 

CET's services includes system mechanical start-up, chemical additives,  bench / pilot testing and  systems operations training on-site. 

CET has extensive experience in "turn key" instillation of industrial wastewater treatments systems include: 

  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • Biological
  • UF & RO
  • Batch and flow through settling Clarifiers
  • Filter Press
  • Chemical Feed Systems

CET is confident that we can meet your environmental needs!